Tools Used

WordPress, Pen+Paper 




Research, Visuals and Build a site

E-commerce website for buying printed T- shirts. The business sold through eBay and Amazon and decided to build an official website only to printed T-shirts aimed at the Israeli audience
Main Goals

Secure and fast purchase

Clear and simple visual display

A system that is easy to use

User Flow
The flow help me clarify the steps involved in the selling process. it's a good way to isolate the different inside and outside factor, like the Paypal checkout process for example, which take place outside the website
From sketch to final result
I focused on creating an easy flow, allowing the user to see all the proudcts, look at spesific product,choose size & color and buy it
It can be seen that the site is built in a way based on the past experience of users in various e-commerce stores .The structure of the site makes it easy for the user to review the site quickly and intuitively thanks to his past experience navigating similar sites, understanding where he is and performing actions quickly without getting involved
Here is the whole process, from the sketch step to the final result
Paper Wirerframe
Gestalt principles help us process visual information. The way the shapes are arranged takes on meaning. The principle of similarity refers to the tendency to group together the most similar objects. Accordingly, we tend to attach similar items to a group and give it meaning
Efforts have been made to convey to the user the true dimensions of the product
Photographing the image without various effects and distractions, there is also a detailed size chart that illustrates to the user what the dimensions of each size are so that the user can get an indication of the image he sees
The best way to feel the experience is to try the website

Thanks for reading! 🤲🏼