Tools Used

Figma, Whiteboard, Pen+Paper 




Research, Redesign, Visuals


Design: I wireframed the initial concept and helped with the redesign of the web based on intreviews

Research: conducted interviews


Create an accessible and intuitive interface for all ages who use the website

Although the site is very popular globally, the experience using it is very problematic. So I took on the mission to redesign the site
UX challenges
information hierarchy
loads of categories
no visuals

Mother of three, Michal has not worked the entire corona period and is currently looking for a full-time job as a secretary.
She was advised to look for a job on the Craiglist website, but when she entered, she was disappointed by the convenience of the website. 

A load of information presented simultaneously and inorganized has caused her to leaveIt would have been easier for her if she could see all the employment options in an orderly fashion while being able to easily filter the relevant ones for her.

Michal Patir


"How might we help Michal find a job more conveniently, clearly, and quickly?"

User Interviews

I had my “What If ” but I did not want to jump to conclusions.I performed interviews and asked them about their experience with Craigslist

After interviewing 5 potential users  I realized what the site lacks, and how the process of finding a job today differs from what the site offers, See full details about the job

See full details about the work

Filtering option

Hear about jobs through friends

User Flow

After thinking about potential solutions and analyzing pain points, an information architecture, outlining the future features, was created. This allowed us to get a grasp of how the platform would work system-wide.

I created the main user flow for the product to help display the complete path a user takes when using it

Paper wireframe

When I had all these pieces of information in front of me, I had to choose what problem and feature I will improve
a new UX, based on the experience, so I chose to keep a similar structure and color code

First, an initial characterization phase and the creation of wire frames for the main screens were done, later in the process, additional screens were designed as part of the design process

UX Documentation

Working on this project was amazing. Digging deeper into ideas and assumptions was a great exercise

Putting the user at the center and building the product accordingly has led me to the best outcome. Thus, showing me the importance of design thinking

Thanks for reading! 🤲🏼